What We Do Best

As we have mentioned before, we’re really good at a lot of research-related activities.

Research Management: We have spent much of our careers managing research projects–both in-house and with other vendors. We find that we have a unique talent for making sure that projects are completed on-time, on-budget with consistently high-quality deliverables. We know you are making some very important decisions with this information and we ensure that you will get the best from us and our network of terrific researchers.

Competitive Intelligence: Knowing what your competitors are doing is critical in this day of fast-paced decision-making. Learning what they are doing is not for the faint of heart–it requires a certain set of unique skills that we have honed over the last few years. Asking the right questions in a conversational manner is key to how we uncover competitor’s advantages.

Designing Surveys: We like to find interesting ways to ask people questions, always being mindful of how valuable their time is. We always look at our surveys from the respondent’s point of view, because if they don’t like or understand the questions, or the survey is too long, their answers will not be useful. We are experts in both phone as well as on-line surveys and constantly look for new and innovative ways to engage with your customers.

Analyzing and Interpreting Data: Face it, we love data. Otherwise why would we be in this business? What we really like is making sure you understand the data and how the information can help you make smart decisions. We also like looking at lots of information including: data from other research you have done, industry trends and news, financial data…you get the idea. All of this information combines to give better context to the research you commissioned.

Creating Reports: We feel our clients deserve a report that is ‘consumable’–concise, easy to understand, and attractive to look at. Whether we have conducted the study or you have commissioned another research firm, we will customize the report or white paper to meet your objectives and appeal to the intended audience.